The Assessment Approach

What is Measured?


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Core Assessments

Core Assessments was formed with the goal of providing clients with the tools necessary to effectively guide their organisations through complex and challenging change and development activities.

The most valuable tool in our toolkit is our “Core Systems” model, referred to by many of our clients as “The Egg”.




   The Core Systems model has three primary strengths:

·        It makes it possible to identify and track the causes of current and future problems within an organisation.

·        It focuses the assessment process on those factors that are likely to have the most significant impact on establishing and maintaining high levels of organisational output.

·        It provides a framework that enables decision-makers to design and implement activities that deal with the causes of problems – not their symptoms.

We’ve used our survey approach in consultations with numerous public and private organisations in Europe and southern Africa and are convinced that it has served as an invaluable planning and change management tool.